MELI Games

MELI Game Creation Guild:

1. Institutions, private equity round participating institutions, and associations are all eligible to directly apply for creation
(Submit guild name, LOGO, introduction, guild creation first address and ranking reward distribution address)
2. Send relevant information to the business mailbox for review: [email protected]

MELI Game New Guild Application Requirements:

1. Pledge 10000 MELI coins, the lock-up period is 6 months. When the cumulative address count reaches 1000 effective addresses (at least three hero addresses) and the PCE output is greater than 10 million, it will be officially determined as a guild, and the pledge will be settled at the end of the month. 50% of the amount will be unlocked, and the remaining 50% will be unlocked in full 6 months later
2. If there is a guild affiliation, you need to negotiate with your guild before you can apply for the creation of a new guild (to avoid disputes)
3. Submit the 10000 MELI currency transfer hash value, the name of the guild (English name), LOGO, introduction, the first address of the guild creation and the address of the ranking reward distribution (submitted in the form of a form)
4. Accept the MELI coin receiving address applied by the guild:
5. Send relevant information to the business mailbox for review: [email protected]

How to lock guild members:

1. Lock members through the invitation link of the guild and guild members
2. Players who have not locked their guild members can log in again using the guild invitation link to bind to the guild.

How to view guild data:

Click on the guild rankings on the official website trading market to view the ranking data of each guild

Guild ranking assessment conditions:

1. Number of assets: all NFT holdings of the guild, accounting for 40%
2. Number of members: All currency holding addresses of the guild, accounting for 30%
3. Activeness: PCE output of all players in the guild, accounting for 30%
4. The assessment is conducted once a month, and the guilds in the ranking must meet all the application conditions, otherwise no calculation and awards will be given
5. The first assessment time is from December 15th, 2021 to January 15th, 2021, and every month thereafter, the assessment time is 15th.

Guild ranking calculation method:

1. Assets: The total number of hero NFTs held by the guild's first address and below, ranking in the top 100 (scores are 100 for the first place, 99 for the second place, 98 for the third place... 100th place Score 1 point)
2. Number of members: The number of NFT addresses held by the guild's first address and below is greater than or equal to the total number of addresses of 3 hero NFTs, ranking the top 100 (score is 100 for the first place, 99 for the second place, and the third place Score 98 points...100th place score 1 point)
3. Activeness: The total amount of PCE produced by players from the first address of the guild and below are ranked in the top 100 (the score is 100 for the first place, 99 for the second, and 98 for the third... 100th place score 1 point)
4. Evaluation of the comprehensive ranking based on the three dimensions of asset volume, number of members, and activity, comprehensive score = asset volume score * 40% + number of members score * 30% + activity score * 30%, ranking the top 100 according to comprehensive score

For example:

According to the data of a guild, the NFT holdings ranking score is M, the number of members ranking score is P, and the activity ranking score is H. Then the comprehensive score of the guild is: Y=40%M+30%P+30%H

Guild sharing fee rewards:

1. The top 50 of MELI game comprehensive data can get a 20% dividend of the transaction fee of the MELI trading market
2. Dividend rules calculation method:
R=Revenue earned by the guild
G=The total transaction fee of game hero transactions per month
n=The ranking value of each guild
Y=Comprehensive score obtained by each guild
3. Form of distribution: distributed on the 25th of each month, directly to the guild’s settlement address.