MELI Games
Battle Dynamics


Each Battle must have 3 Meliora to play
We have 3 Meliora in each game. the maximum 20 point energy .
there is will a score system to evalue your gaming performance,
you have 3 Meliora to fight one game, if non of them dead, you can get a 3 star evaluation
dead 1 ,2 star evaluation.


Each Meliora has is 20 energy credits, 60 per team of three Meliora.
The Meliora will lose 1 credit after each game.
In PvE mode, only the Captain lose energy credit.
In PvP mode, all Meliora will lose one energy credit.
The Meliora will regain one energy credit every two hours.
Transfering Meliora to other player will retain the current energy level of the Meliora.
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