MELI Games
Player vs Environment (PVE)
Our Player versus environment mode involves the gamer fighting AI-controlled opponents of varying difficulties while progressing through the game’s storyline.

Team Captain

When creating a team of Meliora, the player must select one as team captain.

Story Lines

The captain of your team will define the story arc that your team embarks upon.


Each storyline has 250 Quests that is unique to each Meliora. The quests are against non-human players and thus can be completed over a period of time and will require the player to upgrade their Meliora at certain milestones.


When players defeat opponents or win battles in PVE mode they will receive gaming experience point and Clean Energy Tokens. After completing 5 quests, the player will receive a special reward.

Daily Tasks

By winning 15 PvE and participate 3 PvP games, the player will receive 30 PCEs.