MELI Games
Player vs Player
In Player versus Player (PvP) mode, the player plays against other online players to earn MELI tokens. The system will assign the opponents automatically based on level and availability.


The player can earn PCE token for winning 10 PvP game each day, and there is no penalty for losing a match.
PvP (Territory battle) is a league where you control your Meliora to challenge other players. Players can get game points every time they defeat their opponents. Your total game points will increase or decrease according to the result of the battle, and MELI will be awarded based on personal game points at the end of the season.
Each time a player initiates a challenge, each Meliora needs to consume a point of energy, where each Meliora has 20 point of energy at initialization.
The season lasts for 1 week, during which players can check the ranking of points through the leaderboard. This is important because it is closely related to the amount of PCE and MELI you will get. It is worth mentioning that in the case of winning streak, your points will increase faster.
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