MELI Games
N7 Asset Trust
Every time a MELI token is used in the game, for example, hatching a new Meliora the token goes somewhere. Thats somewhere is the N7 Asset Trust 😜

Why we need N7 Asset Trust?

This has three advantages
  1. 1.
    As the token is taken out of circulation the total supply of tokens is reduced
  2. 2.
    With less token in supply the value of the token will go up
  3. 3.
    Tokens have value, the more tokens N7 Asset Trust has the higher its market cap will become

Our Partners

Account Services of Trust and Asset Trusteeship
U.S., Cayman, and Hong Kong Legal Services

Our Trust's Incorporation

Delaware Trust Regulation.png
Delaware Trust Regulation.png
Certificate of Trust.png
Certificate of Trust.png