MELI Games
Our Tokens

MELI Token

Meli token is ERC20 based token. The ERC 20 based token can be converted to BEP 20 token which will be used in our game.
  • Player can earn MELI through PvP and as rewards from leaderboard ranking competitions
  • Player can also buy MELI from any exchange
  • MELI token is needed for Hatching
  • MELI token has a limited supply of 1 Billion
  • MELI will be sold to angel and crowd investors before game launch
BSC Contract: 0xaD04AC36791d923DeB082dA4f91Ab71675dD18fB

Clean Energy token (PCE)

  • PCE can be earned from PVE, PVP and Daily Tasks
  • PCE is needed for Hatching & Levelling Up
  • PCE has an unlimited supply
  • Players can also buy PCE from any exchange
BSC Contract: 0x5b044A447271f2B981DB555b49A7847598B0a05C