MELI Games
Revenue Model


We have our own proprietary MELI Marketplace for users to buy and sell in-game assets represented as NFT's
Items / Equipment
By using our own market place we are able to circumvent using an intermediary like OpenSea. This allows us to save our users the gas fee for minting new NFT's and exchanging NFT's with one another.

Transaction Fees

Because we are not using an intermediary all our users will have to buy and sell there NFT's from our market place using the ETH token.
We charge 4.5% on top of each transaction for facilitating the transaction.

Why Fees

All the NFT's after the game launch are generated by our users, this means that we do not generate revenue by creating and selling in new game assets.
As such we need to charge a transaction fee to perpetually fund the operation cost and development of the game including new features and support.

Token Holdings

We hold 8% of the MELI tokens in an operating expense fund. By holding 8% of the MELI tokens we are able to use the token appreciation value to further support the game development and operations.